Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery embracing true sustainability

Spier is an ethically-, environmentally- and socially-conscious farm in the Stellenbosch Winelands. With a recorded history of more than 300 years, today a family-run destination that offers good food, wine, hospitality and arts.

Making a difference every day through interactions with customers, the community, and the environment; Spier is committed to nurturing a culture of excellence, working creatively and innovatively.

Constantly monitoring, questioning and evaluating everything done to ensure that a positive impact is made; Spier’s sustainable approach to development, views both the farm and the region holistically with minimal impact on the environment.

Located on Spier Wine Farm is the pioneering Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery. Implementing true sustainability as a restaurant is a major focus for chef and owner, PJ Vadas and partnering with Spier Wine Farm is at the heart of it.

All of the restaurant’s pork, beef, chickens and eggs are sourced directly from Spier’s Farmer Angus who is one of two grass fed, pasture-reared beef producers in the Western Cape.

His onsite butchery is, however, the only one processing the beef that is produced on his farm. Biodynamic and regenerative agricultural principles and practices are applied in the raising of the farm’s animals which include cattle, pigs, broiler chickens and laying hens, as well as vegetables and wine.

Situated on 126 hectares of irrigated pasture at Spier, it is the only butchery in the country that does not add nitrates, gluten and nitrites to the meat.  All Farmer Angus products are also 100% growth-hormone free, routine antibiotic free and the pig and chicken food is glyphosate free.

Any seafood served at VADAS is sourced via the ground-breaking Abalobi Ict4fisheries – an African-based, fisher-driven social enterprise with global reach.  Working with small-scale fishers, the Abalobi approach critically broadens the sustainability lens to include socio-economic and governance elements along with the traditional ecological elements.

All of which Abalobi believe are absolutely essential to providing a framework for long-term responsible fisheries management with, and for, small-scale fisheries. The focus is on achieving milestones with small-scale fishers that are related to seafood traceability, supply chain transparency, community cohesion and fair value chains.

On every Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery Daily Specials menu, an Abalobi QR code is printed.
Customers are encouraged to scan the code and verify that the fish has been handline caught by small-scale fishers, which is a low-impact fishing method; and that the route the fish has travelled through the supply chain has full “Hook to Cook” traceability.

In addition, the story of the fishers who caught and supplied the fish can be accessed, allowing full traceability of the fish on their plates.

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