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Truth Coffee’s freshly baked sourdough has taken a year to perfect



No additives. No preservatives. No mess, but plenty of fuss. Truth Coffee’s resident baker Kelly Mukendi has committed to baking bread the hard way – and the results of this effort are fast becoming a city favourite.

Kelly’s culinary journey began in 2018 as an apprentice to the Michelin star pastry chef Kamal Hamzoui, and with the guidance of artisan collaborators MF&Cie, Kelly has perfected the ancient fundamentals of the humble sourdough. The good news is, now you can try it for yourself at Truth’s Buitenkant Street bakery.

David Donde, owner of Truth Coffee, is renowned for never settling for the bare minimum. Dedication, originality, and the pursuit of perfection are all non-negotiable, and when it comes to baking — the same applies. In fact, Kelly’s sourdough may very well be the best in the city centre.

Master Baker Markus Farbinger once said that “Life is a special occasion. We bake for special occasions only.” At Truth, a ‘special occasion’ occurs once, twice, or even three times daily. This ensures that no loaf or sandwich will ever stand for longer than a couple of hours, promising peak freshness throughout the day.

From culture to mother to dough to bread, a loaf of Kelly’s sourdough takes two days to make. Some bakeries choose to accelerate this fermentation process, but Truth believes that slow and steady equals high quality and guaranteed longevity: good bread is only good if it can last a few days.

With all this to chew over, it’s no surprise that Truth regularly sells out of their breads daily. The baking begins at 6am, so stop by early to avoid disappointment.

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