Winter Rains Shape Scenic New FNB Wines2Whales Route to Benguela Cove

While winter storms buffet the Cape the FNB Wines2Whales route team is plotting the best possible way to take you from the wines of Lourensford to the whales of Hermanus, in November this year. The soaking rain we have received so far in June is ideal for trail building in the coming weeks, and great plans have already been put in motion to ensure incredible riding throughout the three days of each of the three events. To achieve the monumental feat of ensuring that singletracks of 2024 exceed those of any previous edition the Johan Krigler and his team have decided to take the race to Benguela Cove.

Riders during stage 3 at the FNB Wines 2 Whales Shiraz event held from Oak Valley to Lourensford Wine Estate, Somerset West on 29th October 2023 Photo by Sam Clark / Wines2Whales

Nestled on the banks of the Botriver Lagoon, Benguela Cove is an entirely new destination for FNB W2W. Along with its vineyards overlooking the intersection of the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the spectacular venue offers the opportunity for a thrilling new finale. “The last 20km to the finish – along the Afdaks River Trail, will be all new, magic and scenic,” JK promised.

“The lower Hemel en Aarde trails and the run in to Onrus were effectively destroyed by the flood in September 2023,” Kriegler explained. “We expect that the on-going road works in the valley will also continue into late 2024, which makes taking the race to the Curro School in Hermanus problematic. So, the need for a new finish venue was twofold, not only did we have logistical issues to overcome, but we also wanted to provide something new.”

“15 years on from the inaugural edition, the challenge to create rewarding riding remains at the forefront of every route choice,” he added. “We love to rise to that challenge and I believe the new finish, at Benguela Cove, and the closing 20 kilometres of the Stage 3 route will exceed the expectations of even the most seasoned Reserve Club member.”

Introducing Benguela Cove

Benguela Cove is a low-yield wine farm, focused on producing premium – award winning – wines. It is located just 2.7 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, on the banks of the Botriver Lagoon, this ensures a cool climate and helps create a truly unique terroir. The estate falls within the broader Walker Bay wine region, which takes its name from the bay in which hundreds of southern right whales come to breed and calf every year.

Benguela Cove

Not only is Benguela Cove a WWF Conservation Champion, but it also boasts several dining options including the contemporary classic Moody Lagoon and the family friendly Blackbeard’s Diner, and a number of luxurious accommodation options in its Waterfront Villas.

Find out more about the estate by visiting, or follow @benguelacove on Instagram or like the Benguela Cove Facebook page.