Venomist Outdoor Protection – The power in your hands


Celeste Rostoll, a born and bred Capetonian, outdoor enthusiast, and mother of two, became an entrepreneur with the revival of Venomist products that can be used by athletes for outdoor protection – allowing them to strike back immediately when faced with any attacker.

New Beginnings

Having worked in the Hospitality industry for the past 17 years, she was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people. It was through this industry that Celeste and Joe Hannan, met while working on one of the largest events staged in Cape Town.

A few years later, Joe started the company called Venomist. The brand was well received and did especially well within the tactical industry for personal protection. However, a couple of years later, Joe and his family immigrated to the UK and its Venomission slowed down. Venomist

Venomist brought back to life

“It was during lockdown that I identified a need for peace of mind with everyone taking advantage of the outdoors. Sadly, Due to the increased unemployment rate, this caused a spike in the crimes on outdoor enthusiasts. My thoughts immediately went back to Joe and I knew we had to reconnect.”

Together, they agreed that there is a very specific place in the market for personal protection. However, with Joe being in the UK, Celeste understood that she had her work perfectly cut out.

“Pepper spray has such a negative stigma attached to it. I wanted to show people that it could form part of your daily routine without hindering your activity.  The main objective of the brand always has been to offer peace of mind. The name Venomist was derived from the primal instincts of snakes and their quick response in nature.  We want to equip people with the tools in which to offer that – both peace of mind and quick response.”  Venomist

Outdoor Protection Products

The approach this time around is to focus on the individual and their needs. The stats show that if you are training solo, you are a soft target. Smaller groups are also at risk as criminals will often try and identify any opportunity.

There are various straps designed for your comfort. Not everyone will experience the same level of comfort, which is why there are a few designs.

The key aspect around the strap and pepper spray is that it is attached with a Velcro strip which connects the pepper spray to the strap.

The pepper spray does not come off the strap without deliberate removal.  The straps have been tested for all the various activities and have proven to fit well with limited movement, which allows for a smooth activity or workout.  The pepper spray is also very unique in its design since it shoots out a single and direct stream spray.


This means that if the spray is used, it will not be affected by wind direction which will not impact the user, but rather, allow the safest results for the user.
The pepper spray also reaches a distance of up to 3 meters which plays a major role in providing distance between the user and their possible attacker.

“Also positively passionate about this Country and understanding our challenges, I wanted to make sure that every part of the product is locally produced. We have such a need to create more jobs and opportunities for the people within our country.”
“We have incredible talent right on our doorstep, and I wanted to create a platform in which to showcase that.”

Since the revival of Venomist, there has been a positive response from the public. The team is fully aware that they have a responsibility to create an education around personal safety.


Having taken this company by the horns, Celeste is positive that with the support of her team and consistent feedback from the public, Venomist as a brand will continue to grow from strength to strength.

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