The My Story Tribe’s Journaling path for kids

My Story

The My Story Tribe opened its virtual doors in 2022. After a year of research and development, this Socio-Emotional platform couldn’t have launched at a better time – the Pandemic was in full swing. What started off as a hub to help parents assist their children in general Socio-Emotional development, quickly became a lifeline for parents to help navigate the effects of the pandemic. However, good Mental Health and supported Emotional Growth are essential aspects of childhood development, regardless of the state of the world. The My Story Tribe aims to develop products for 6- to 13-year-olds to assist with this growth journey.

My Story TribeParents often tend to focus on Early Childhood Development (0 – 5 years) spending valuable time on everything from cognitive stimulation to spatial awareness and muscle tone development.

“We are also mindful of attachment and emotional connection during this time and make sure our young ones feel secure and loved.”

“We do, however, drop the ball sometimes when we send our children to school,” Milan Murray, Founder of The My Story Tribe explains. “We shift our language from emotive to instructional and didactical when our children enter an academic institution and we forget to remain mindful of their Socio- Emotional development. Big changes happen, and we need to guide them to deal with these emotional challenges and setbacks in a healthy manner. “

My Story Tribe

At The My Story Tribe, journaling is one of the pillars used to help strengthen Tweens’ sense of self. The argument is that if children are grounded in their own identity and in their own, unique story, they have a strong foundation to help them navigate through life.

The My Story Journals were developed by an Occupational Therapist, an Educational Psychologist and a Children’s Book Author. The age-appropriate prompts encourage reflection without making it feel like ‘work’.

There are no intimidating blank pages, and the colourful illustrations and activities help cement personal identity in a fun, non-threatening way. When a child has mastered the art of reflection, they take ownership of their life story. They write and rewrite it. And then they live it, with confidence and compassion.

“Teach your child to journal, and they will forever write their own life story.” – Milan Murray.

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