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The 2021 E-Bike FNB Wines2Whales Switchback



The FNB Wines2Whales Switchback has two exclusive E-Bike categories in the 2021 Pinotage event.

The growth in E-bikes has been phenomenal and it’s been a critical trend in cycling, including mountain biking. In 2019 we introduced the E-bike Tour at the FNB W2W Pinotage and received an overwhelmingly positive response. This year we are building on lessons learned with the introduction of an exciting new start group, the E-bike Race. This will be a fun race for those riders really wanting to spike their adrenaline and push their limits. According to Johan Kriegler, founder of the W2W events, you need to be a very skilled mountain biker to participate in the Race category.

The speed and power at which you fly through single tracks, switchbacks and berms, is an exhilarating experience and certainly not for the faint-hearted, nor for the lesser skilled. The E-Bike Racers can test their skills and speed against each other, without interfering with any mountain bikers in the other categories. Riders in both categories don’t have to worry too much about available battery power as they’ll have the opportunity to drop a fully charged second battery at the Race Office before it starts.

Those batteries are delivered by FNB W2W staff to Waterpoint 2, where riders can swap batteries. The E-Bike Tourers have all the time and energy to enjoy the spectacular scenery with a more relaxed pace at the back of the pack.

The E-bike Race will start 30 minutes prior to the A batch and the E-bike Tour group will start an hour after the last batch. A word of caution to the E-Bike Racers; if you are too slow and the A and B batch riders catch up with you, then you are automatically relegated to the E-bike Tour group for the remaining days.

For more information on E-Bike, categories

visit www.wines2whales.com/e-bikes/

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