St Leger & Viney unveils vibrant new showroom

St Leger & Viney

St Leger & Viney, a beloved provider of fabrics and wallpapers that have adorned South African interiors for decades, proudly unveils their new showroom. Opening on 9 May at the Belville Décor Hub, this location provides a stylish presence in the Northern suburbs.

Celebrating 35 years in the business, the new showroom embodies the company’s rich heritage while embracing future trends. Marketing Manager Case van der Touw highlights the space as a testament to both tradition and forward-thinking design, crafted under the creative direction of Peter Gordon.

The showroom dazzles with a vibrant selection of prints and colours, featuring the exceptional GP & J Baker X Kit Kemp wallpaper collection designed by British interior expert Kit Kemp, known for its handcrafted appeal and traditional potato print charm.

The venue offers a vast array of products including high-quality samplers and sample books filled with unique fabrics, leathers, and textures from renowned brands like Ralph Lauren and Morris & Co.

Additionally, visitors can also discover the SLV Home collection for ready-made décor solutions, ensuring that every design need is met with unmatched elegance and creativity.

The new St Leger & Viney showroom is a milestone that not only celebrates the company’s storied past, but also ushers in a new era of interior design.