SDF Corp: The benefits of Employee Transparency

SDF Corp

Transparency in leadership is fundamental in cultivating a culture of trust between Employers and their Employees. Ruzinha Shah, HR and Employee Relations Director of the SDF Corp Group, says that “employees who are kept informed, and understand their role in the broader purpose and goals of the company, are more inclined to put their trust in their Employer.

“When the Employer provides the right level of transparency to Employees, they are showing them that they are sincere and willing to communicate openly with them,” says Shah. Furthermore, this sets the example for employees to do the same, with their colleagues, Managers and/or Supervisors.

Benefits of Transparency In The Workplace

Everyone is on the same page – It is of vital importance to ensure that everyone from Executive Management to frontline Employees, are all on the same page. When the knowledge and application of goals, plans, ethics, communication standards etc. are the same from the bottom to the top, there isn’t anything to misinterpret and/or misunderstand.

It is important to understand that everything will not always be black and white, but having clearly defined standards and expectations, brings you another step closer to achieving transparency in the workplace. Employees need to trust that their thoughts will be heard, appreciated, and acted upon, by their Employer.

Effective Communication is Key – When communication is honest, even if it is unfortunate news to be shared, Employees are likely to feel valued and respected. Open lines of communication, ensures that your Employees feedback is taken into consideration and they are regularly updated. This allows them to feel valued, respected and appreciated and thus fosters trust in their Employer.

Open paths of communication is important, specifically between Executive Management and their Employees, and needs to be established.

Honest Two-way Openness – The key component of transparency in the workplace is keeping your employees informed on both the positive and negative news that comes your way. Sharing the ups and the downs can create a sense of unity and inspire your Employees to rally together for the greater good of the company.

It is important to note that, a lack of transparency, leads Employees to feel underappreciated, apprehensive about the future of their employment, and doubtful of the management practices in place or the decisions made by those in positions of authority.

Ruzinha Shah is the HR/ER Director of the SDF Corp Group with over 20 years’ experience in the application and understanding of HR Policies & Procedures in corporate and specialist environments. She holds a B.Com Hons in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, and plays an active role in the championing of women in business and is passionate about SMME upliftment across all sectors.

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