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Reon’Zeff’s skill and artwork deserve to be celebrated



Sandstruck, based in Cape Town is South Africa’s only professional sand sculpture display company and is headed by renown sand sculptor, Reon Zeff. Reon has been creating incredible sand sculptures for twenty years. His artistry lies in his ability to create the most detailed, whimsical structures using one of the Earth’s most abundant and renewable elements – sand.

Reon’s works of art, made purely of water and sand, take a few hours to complete – sometimes even days and can last for weeks if external forces allow.

“It all started when I was sitting on the beach and found an ice-cream stick. I made a step pyramid which unleashed my passion for making sculptures out of sand. I trained myself every day for two years, making sand sculptures. I worked and trained with world champs in Florida – Guinness record holder for the largest castle in the world and never looked back!”

Reon Zeff

After a major campaign that was meant to start in March was cancelled, Reon barely had any work coming his way in 2020 and he has struggled to fulfil his commitments. To make ends meet Reon started building his favourite sand sculptures daily on the boardwalk outside of Onse Huisie in Blouberg. “My passion is sea life, castles and animals. I have this affinity with animals, I see them in my mind and create them. I taught hundreds of children in the twenty years and it gives me so much joy. Seeing the joy on people’s faces upon witnessing my art is the best encouragement.”

Reon Zeff was named “one of the world’s best sand sculptors” by Castrol Oil, one of his many loyal clients. His services range from spectacular birthday parties to global ad campaigns. Sand sculpting, sand art, and sand castles are all a passion of Reon’s and it shows in his work.

No venue is too small or too large. Zeff’s passion for creating with sand has led him to work with top global companies like Castrol, Redbull, and Camel; to small local weddings; to restaurant’s looking to give their patrons a unique show while dining on the beach. Watching him work and the joy it brings him and those around him is enough to see why clients from all over the world want to work with him. Witness Reon create his next masterpiece by visiting him on the boardwalk outside Onse Huisie Restaurant in Blouberg.

For more information on his portfolio, visit www.sandstruck.co.za

or contact Reon on 082 676 3334

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