Mobile business hub hits the road to drive entrepreneurship

City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town’s new mobile business help desk will be taking its services to where businesses need to support the growth and recovery of our vital Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).

The Mobile Business Hub managed by the City’s Enterprise and Investment Department, will visit communities and engage with visitors regarding the following services and questions they may have: Starting and growing a Business (‘I want to start a business or expand my business and need support’); Red Tape (‘I am struggling with a Red Tape issue, which is hampering my business.’); City Projects (‘I am interested in finding out more about specific City projects and would like to be connected to the relevant officials and line departments.’); Investing in the City (‘My Business/I want to invest in a new business.

What regulatory requirements will I be expected to adhere to?’); Enterprise & Supplier Development (‘I want to do business with the City/Government and don’t know where to start?); Regulatory Compliance (‘I want to do business in Cape Town and don’t know which business processes/registrations to comply with?’); and Other (‘There is an issue not listed above that I need assistance in and I would like to be connected with an official regarding this.’)

While direct job creation is not a local government mandate, it is our responsibility to create the right conditions and environment for work opportunities. The Mobile Business Hub will be able to facilitate programmes that promote investment, trade and sector-specific training skills development. It is also a great example of how the City leverages strategic assets for the benefit of our residents.

“In a time when it felt like I was all on my own in trying to figure out how to operate, retain my workforce as well as to survive, the fantastic and speedy help I received from the City’s Business Hub showed that I was not on my own and that the City was hard at work to help businesses to survive and thrive. I am immensely happy with and thankful for the support I received,” said the owner of Custom Office, Gary Styles. Custom Office, is a Cape Town based office furniture manufacturer and wholesale supplier.

To view a schedule of where the Mobile Business Hub will be and when residents can visit