Medihelp: Savvy hacks to stretch your medical aid benefits


We’re all scrutinising our budgets for ways to cut unnecessary costs. To help pinch the pennies, here are Medihelp’s top tips to stretch your benefits.

Use your preventive care benefits. All Medihelp plans include added insured benefits for health screenings, tests, and vaccinations. This gives you peace of mind by enabling you to identify potential health risks early.

Choose generic medicine. They contain the same active ingredients as original medicine, but cost much less. Medihelp pays 100% of the maximum medical aid price for generic medicine, which means you are stretching your day-to-day benefits or savings account (if you have one).

Follow chronic treatment plans strictly. If you have a chronic condition, compliance is your best ally. It helps you to avoid health complications that require costly medical treatment and drain your benefits.

Monitor your medical expenses on your claims statements. This will help you understand how you use medical services and manage your available benefits accordingly. You will also be able to identify erroneous charges on your claims.

Get pre-authorisation for services that require it, such as planned hospitalisation, prescribed minimum benefits treatment, and chronic medication. This helps you minimise co-payments.

Follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthier, exercise regularly, and quit harmful habits like smoking.

Heed good advice. Medihelp’s monthly newsletter for members is a great source of health and wellness information.

A healthy lifestyle and mindful management of your available benefits will help you to balance your health budget successfully.

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