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Launch of global entrepreneurial Hub in Western Cape – Grant Cardone



Entrepreneur, best-selling author, star of Discovery Channel’s Undercover Billionaire and founder of the 10X Movement, Grant Cardone, is on a mission to help close the socioeconomic gap in underserved communities around the world with the implementation of business and financial educational programs through his non-profit, The Grant Cardone Foundation.

The Grant Cardone Foundation launched their very first global program called the 10X Hub, a mobile classroom and lab created to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to youth and young adults. It’s an entrepreneurial development center, a collaborative space, and a 10X mentorship hub. This is a place to give everyone, no matter their economic circumstance, the opportunity to create success and to 10X their life.

The 10X Hub is a traveling program that launched in the Western Cape, which has the largest concentration of fatherless adolescents in the world at 62% and one of the highest unemployment rates globally. Having lost his father at a young age, Grant saw that underlying many of society’s most pressing challenges is a lack of father involvement in their children’s lives. Fatherlessness has a direct effect on economic welfare, production, the erosion of human capital, social exclusion, crime, and social instability. Grant Cardone wants to help those who may need life and career guidance just as he once did.

The 10X Hub will be providing financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and mentorship programs to help level the playing field and fight poverty at its core and to create a lasting LEGACY for generations to come in these communities: Leading, Entrepreneurial, Growth, and Commitment to Youth education.

Grant Cardone“Our mission in delivering this program is to give kids and young adults, from underserved and at-risk communities around the world, the opportunity to create the life they want, not the life the system makes them think they have to settle for,” – Grant Cardone.

This program will be delivered in multiple stages and facilitated in partnership with Labit, a consulting business incubator in South Africa who work to equip community-based entrepreneurs that share the vision of creating sustainable businesses and job opportunities. The 10X Hub is located in Paarl and operating within the townships of Mbekweni and Paarl East. The next micro 10X Academy will be held in Paarl from the 6-10 September.

The goal of the 10X Hub program in its first 18 months will be to have 2 sustainable businesses created, 1,000 entrepreneurs trained, 100 jobs created, and 300,000 individuals signed up with access to the Cardone University educational materials. The content in Cardone University provides invaluable knowledge on how to grow and succeed in business, a resource that would not be traditionally accessible in these communities.
After the opening of the The 10X Hub in South Africa it will then travel to different African townships. Simultaneously, The Grant Cardone Foundation will be developing a similar 10X Hub in the United States in 2022.

The Grant Cardone Foundation’s mission is to impact one million lives in 2021, by providing life, career, and financial guidance to at-risk kids in our underserved communities around the world.

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