Irene Mynhardt – A creative Mind of Inspirational art

Arene Art

“The art of painting is in my blood,” says Irene Mynhardt. As child, Irene was seldom without her sketchbook and pencil – always busy creating new ideas.

Irene Art

Irene grew up in a small town with little opportunities to develop her talent. She followed different professions in marketing and teaching, yet, being a creative person, none of these professions really satisfied her inner desire to create. The burning desire to paint became ‘louder and louder’ over the years, and she decided to give up teaching and follow the urge within her soul to create.

“In 2015 I set myself up in my studio, and started painting, and from that moment for the first time in my life, my soul came alive, and I felt closer than ever to my Creator,” Irene says.

As an artist, every time she takes on a commission to create a painting, she centres on the uniqueness of its creation. She focuses on the layout and the presentation of the object to be captured on a canvas. She observes the finer detail in the object by meticulously applying it to bring amazing products through her artistic skills to life.

Irene Art

“I started to see God’s hand in everything. Amazed at how He created everything in detail, even from the smallest leave of a tree to the biggest mountain, everything becomes alive before my artistic eye. I have been painting full time since then and haven’t stopped,” says Irene.

A wide selection of products are available from Irene Inspirational Art, all bearing witness of her artistic skills. These imprinted articles include: bedding, carpets, table cloths, place mats, bags, and many more can be viewed on the website.

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