Golden Medic: The Natural Wonder Product Transforming Healthcare

Golden Medic

Golden Medic, a revolutionary product with extraordinary healing properties, is making waves in the medical field. Developed by Dr. Crispian Trace, a respected retired Veterinary Surgeon, this simple, safe, and natural solution has proven to be highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions in both animals and humans. With its impressive track record and numerous benefits, Golden Medic is emerging as a superior alternative to antibiotics and other chemical-based treatments.

Crispian Trace

Harnessing the Power of Nature

One of the key factors that sets Golden Medic apart is its natural composition. This exceptional product contains no chemicals, drugs, or antibiotics, making it a safe and non-toxic option for healing. The parent metal alloy used in Golden Medic, brass, is classified by the USA’s EPA/FDA as suitable for antimicrobial use.

Additionally, the powder has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as class 5 – Non-Toxic. This natural approach not only ensures the absence of harmful substances, but also promotes healing without the risk of generating resistant organisms.

Solution for Various Conditions

Golden Medic’s versatility is truly remarkable. It has proven effective in treating a wide range of ailments and injuries. From minor cuts and bruises to more severe wounds and burns, this product has consistently delivered excellent results. It has also shown great efficacy in relieving conditions such as acne, pimples, boils, warts, and rashes, fungal infections, including athletes’ foot and body patches, relief from insect bites, stings, plant toxins and marine stings.

It has exhibited excellent pain relief properties for arthritis, shingles, sprains, metatarsalgia (foot Pain), and sore joints. Moreover, Golden Medic serves as a long-lasting hand sterilizer and body deodorizer, ensuring hygiene and freshness.

Healing Abilities

When applied to a painful or septic lesion, in the early stages, Golden Medic works wonders. The powder swiftly reduces pain and inflammation, creating an aseptic environment for healing. It facilitates the formation of a sterile scab, allowing the damaged tissue to heal naturally and rapidly, it also stimulates the ingress of capillaries, increasing the blood supply to the area stimulates stem cells and promotes uninterrupted cell regeneration and tissue growth, leading to minimal scarring or cicatrix formation.


A New Approach to Wound Treatment

The protocols for using Golden Medic differ significantly from traditional treatments, particularly antibiotics. Contrary to the conventional practice of covering wounds and keeping them moist, Golden Medic is best applied as a dry powder on a thoroughly cleaned lesion. Covering the wound is unnecessary, and dressing changes are not required. The analgesic effect of Golden Medic targets pain receptors specifically, leaving general sensation intact without numbing the area.


A Product You Can Trust

Golden Medic has been subjected to exhaustive live tests on a wide variety of external conditions, with independent medical personnel consistently reporting excellent results.
Its stability allows for easy storage without the need for special temperature conditions. The powder contains only natural essential minerals, copper, and zinc, which are necessary for life. Importantly, Golden Medic is safe to use.

If Golden Medic is used at the earliest onset of any condition, its response is also very rapid. However, if it is used only after a chronic condition that has been ongoing for some time, Golden Medic will take longer to have its beneficial effect. This is an important point to remember: do not expect miracles for long-standing conditions, but persistence will be rewarded. It has no residual effect, so it must be reapplied to keep the affected areas covered if it is to work its magic!

A bottle that contains over 3gms of powder will treat over 350 applications, depending upon the amount applied.


“VirusX” is a specially refined form, that is specially for Respiratory conditions, by application up the nostrils, using an ear bud dipped into the powder, after the bottle top has been removed. Applied at the very start of such a condition, it is particularly effective.
It is also advisable to state the intended use, so extra advice can be given to ensure the best results.

Online shop now available!

These products can be purchased directly from either Dr. Trace in Somerset West or James Trace in Parkview, Johannesburg. Golden Medic is priced at R450, while VirusX is available for R400, excluding shipping.

To order TraceXtec products visit our online store at Payments can be made to TraceXtec via EFT or online secure checkout.

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Article by Dr. Crispian Trace

*“GM” & “VirusX” are both unregistered CAM devices that are not intended to either diagnose nor treat any Medical condition and are used at own risk entirely.