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Get your Health back on track with Magnesium café



Magnesium café, founded in 2017 with the core purpose built on foundational principles related to the education and exposure of the benefits of such an essential mineral.

Magnesium café currently operates as an E-commerce business and the business continues to grow with the need to explore a wider reach through business to business relationships.
The company is ready to expand its market reach through distribution models for market penetration and to scale up the product to market fit in pharmacy outlets.

“Through Brand affiliation and positioning we will be able to realize one of our core objectives to make the product more accessible through retail outlets.”

“At Magnesium Café we want to equip the public on the importance of this mineral and also create accessibility for the product irrespective of where they live.”

“For that reason we offer our online e-commerce shop and door to door service. This way we can assist and support in ensuring you get to enjoy and continue with your quest to get your Health Back,” says Benita Nieman, owner of Magnesium café.

The benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is Involved in more than 600 Biochemical reactions in our body, including: Energy creation, Protein formation, Gene maintenance, Muscle movements and Nervous system regulation. It may also boost exercise performance, fights depression, Type 2 Diabetes, can lower blood pressure, has anti-Inflammatory benefits, can help prevent migraines, reduces insulin resistance, improves PMS Symptoms and is safe and widely available.

For more information contact Benita Niemann on +27 62 652 5692 email benita@magnesiumcafe.com or visit www.magnesiumcafe.com

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