Exploring the World with TE Tours

TE Tours, owned by Jan Hough and part of Club Travel Tyger Valley in the Tyger Valley Centre, presents an enticing array of small group escorted tours, perfect for the discerning explorer who cherishes the security and comfort of group travel along with the freedom and pleasure of individual experiences. These tours, meticulously designed under Jan Hough’s guidance, cater to those who wish to let someone else handle the logistics, while they immerse themselves in the journey with a few like-minded travellers.

TE Tours

The tour program for 2024 includes a variety of destinations, each offering an all-inclusive, great experience. Each tour is crafted to provide a unique and comprehensive experience of the destination. Highlighted tours include Incredible India & Tigers, the historical richness of Egypt & Jordan, the cultural tapestry of the Caucasus region covering Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, the crossroads of civilizations in Türkiye, and the vast landscapes of China.

The tour dates for 2024 are as follows: India & Tigers (10 – 26 February), Egypt & Jordan (7 – 19 March), Caucasus (13 – 28 April), Türkiye (4 – 18 May), and China (7 – 21 May).
As an Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) accredited sales agent TE Tours provides a wealth of information and all the useful services of the AA – IDP (International Driving Permit), AA membership, trans border vehicle documentation and requirements for your vehicles, safety and first aid kits, etc.

Clients of TE Tours consistently report high levels of satisfaction, reflecting the memorable experiences that TE Tours and Club Travel deliver. TE Tours stands out for its small group format, all-inclusive packages, and a diverse range of destinations, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking a blend of comfort, adventure, and cultural immersion.

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