Explore & Create Mossel Bay’s Garden Route Family Expo

The Garden Route Family Expo, set to take place in Mossel Bay from 26 – 28 April, promises a diverse experience for families. With its roots in the Outdoor show and the later addition of the UniQ Home Expo, the event has continually evolved, broadening its horizons to cater to an array of interests and tastes, from the rugged outdoor adventurer to the refined wine connoisseur, and from the creative DIY enthusiast to the family looking for wholesome entertainment and learning experiences.

As attendees step into the world of the 4×4 Outdoor Expo, they are greeted with a realm that celebrates the spirit of adventure and the great outdoors. The expo is a treasure trove for camping, off-road enthusiasts, and those passionate about outdoor living and decor. From high-performance camping gear to robust 4×4 equipment, and from outdoor construction tools to elegant decor elements, the expo ensures every aspect of outdoor life is covered.

The UniQ Home Expo adds another layer to the event, offering a spectacular array of home decor, arts, and crafts, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. It’s a place where DIY enthusiasts can thrive, engaging in interactive workshops and demonstrations, and where families can find inspiration to transform their living spaces.

The Health & Lifestyle Pavilion focuses on wellness, nutrition, fitness, and sustainable living. It’s an opportunity for visitors to engage with health experts, explore cutting-edge wellness products, and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes well-being. After exploring the Health & Lifestyle Pavilion, art and craft enthusiasts will find equal delight in the exhibition of South African craftsmanship. Showcased through a stunning array of handcrafted treasures, this section celebrates the rich artistic heritage and skilled artisanship of the region.

For those with a palate for fine beverages, the expo doesn’t disappoint. The event is a haven for wine and craft beer enthusiasts, offering locally distilled wines, beers, gins, and rums. The Wine, Cheese & Deli Exhibit highlights exceptional local wines, explores the art of cheese-making, and indulge in fine deli foods. The food and beverage stalls offer everything from traditional braai to homemade vetkoek and spicy chakalaka.

For those looking to immerse themselves fully in the experience, the expo offers self-camp sites, allowing families to camp on-site, enjoy the serenity of nature, and have daily access to all the activities and excitement the expo has to offer. The Garden Route Family Expo is more than just an event; it’s a comprehensive experience that caters to every member of the family, offering a blend of adventure, creativity, wellness, culture, and culinary delights.

For more information visit www.gardenroutefamilyexpo.co.za