Experiential Education Garden now open

Educational Gardens

In March 2020, the City’s Directorates for Spatial Planning and Environment and Economic Opportunities and Asset Management worked together in creating the Experiential Education Garden in the Green Point Park.

The experiential garden intends to engage and activate all five senses, thereby exposing learners to this interactive outdoor experience.

On 21 December 2020 the Experiential Educational Garden in the was officially opened. The park is very popular and forms part of the Cape Town stadium precinct; it contains many interesting features including the Biodiversity Showcase Garden, adventure play park, wetland garden and water systems, as well as open lawn areas and shaded spaces.

The Experiential Educational Garden is situated on the outskirts of the park, directly adjacent to the City’s Biodiversity Showcase Garden Environmental Education Centre.

The experiential garden promises to be a place of discovery and learning. It will function as an outdoor environmental education space for engaging and activating all five basic senses, and exposing children to this interactive outdoor experience. The learners will hopefully learn new skills and challenge themselves to take responsibility for the environment and their actions.

The elements that are completed and available to explore and experience during the first phase are: an interactive water feature with several surprises (bring dry clothes), educational mosaic and animal print stepping stones leading children into a crawling tunnel structure, woven bird nests to climb in and explore, a sand pit with a surprise discovery element for children, a structure offering shade and a deck where parents can sit and observe their children having fun, a beautiful mosaic seating structure created using sandbags, a spider’s web climbing structure, balancing poles, sound elements that will create a lot of excitement, a climbing tree with a difference, a Hop Scotch to jump, a picnic area with beautiful sculptured animal seating and trees; and a weather station so children can observe how strong the wind blows, and so forth.