Embracing Family Living in Devonbosch: A Community Crafted in Growth


In the aftermath of Easter, a time when the essence of family is more pronounced than ever, there’s a need to reflect on what truly makes a community feel like home.
Devonbosch, with its meticulously designed environment, stands as a testament to the importance of family and how different cultures celebrate this fundamental unit of society.

It’s a place where the spirit of family envelops every aspect, from the moment you’re greeted by the emblematic fountain embracing “A Life Unlimited” at the entrance.
Devonbosch champions family-oriented living in its urban village. Green pathways lead to common areas at the heart of the community, including open parks and the bustling Brickfields Market, where diverse families gather for leisure.

The array of facilities at Devonbosch caters to every family member, offering activities ranging from eFoiling and open water swimming to trail running and mountain biking. Access to the GOAT trail and Bottelary Hills Conservatory Network promotes an active lifestyle, while a forthcoming bike and adventure shop will cater to the needs of cycling enthusiasts and adventurers.

The introduction of the Unlocked Fitness Studio represents a new era in community wellness at Devonbosch. This state-of-the-art facility goes beyond traditional fitness paradigms, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Moreover, the Innovation Hub at Devonbosch underscores the community’s commitment to fostering economic growth and supporting the ambitions of startups by offering a dynamic workspace that serves as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Devonbosch, culinary options abound, ranging from the laid-back atmosphere of Brickfields café to the upscale dining experience at Ischia by Super Sconto, opening in May. The addition of the new Superette and Deli, along with Ischia, will further enhance convenience, contributing to an enriched living experience.

Central to Devonbosch’s appeal is its focus on start-up families, with the upcoming residential offering of 36 units designed to cater to young couples and start-up families seeking a promising investment. With a projected increase in value, these residences promise a home as well as a wise financial venture with unlimited returns. The plan also includes the development of single, freestanding homes, making it an ideal progression for those starting out in their marital journey.

The strategic location of Devonbosch, on the urban edge of Stellenbosch, affords its residents the luxury of reducing their carbon footprint by potentially getting rid of one car. Devonbosch is a lifestyle where family, sustainability, and community converge to offer a unique living experience. It’s a place that beckons start-up families, newlyweds, and those dreaming of a family, offering them a safe, secure, and enriched environment to grow and prosper.

As Devonbosch prepares to welcome its first residents, it solidifies its position as the ideal setting for the start of a new chapter for many families.

For more information visit www.devonbosch.co.za