Elevating Eco-Luxury to New Heights at Hotel Verde

Hotel Verde

The opening of Verde Vita Spa and Wellness Centre at the end of last year at Hotel Verde, Cape Town Airport indicates a new era in eco-luxury travel. This expansion from a modest post-travel relaxation space to a full-fledged spa is a testament to Hotel Verde’s commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness.

The transformation into a grand spa facility was a collaborative effort involving the South African architect firm Ohkre Collective, construction company Phase Three, green consultant André Harms of Ecolution, and spa consultant Jacoline Wentzel of Spa Warehouse. Their mission was to integrate sustainability into every facet of the spa, aligning with Hotel Verde’s philosophy.

Verde Vita Spa seamlessly combines sustainable practices with luxury. The design features organic-inspired elements like curved walls and green finishes, mirroring Hotel Verde’s dedication to environmental preservation, while ensuring exceptional service and comfort.
The spa’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its operations. Jacoline Wentzel, the spa consultant, emphasized the use of local manufacturing of spa equipment, including beech wood massage beds and linen towels. The treatment menu offers professional treatments using South African certified organic or natural product ranges, embodying the ‘Green Life’ philosophy.

Verde Vita features three treatment rooms – Magnolia, Lavender, and Jasmine – named after flowering plants, alongside an infrared cabin, manicure and pedicure section, eyelash extension room, and the Breathing Room for post-treatment relaxation.

The spa’s dedication to environmental friendliness extends to its product choices, featuring South African skincare brands known for their natural, organic ingredients. This approach not only nourishes guests’ bodies, but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Integrating nature-inspired design with locally sourced products, the spa offers a unique experience that rejuvenates both body and spirit, setting a new standard in eco-friendly hospitality.