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Discussions to be Held at the Africa Energy Indaba 2020



Prevalent topics with particular reference to Africa’s energy sphere, are set to form the core of discussions at the 12th Africa Energy Indaba to be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 3 – 4 March 2020. Interactive dialogues and key outcomes emanating from these themes will provide business growth opportunities for Africa’s energy sector and inspire the necessary transformation within this realm. Various thought-provoking session themes involve the following:

African leaders are proactively striving to improve aspects relating to three core dimensions: energy security, energy equity (accessibility and affordability), and environmental sustainability of energy systems, all of which require funding. The upcoming event will unpack integrated strategic endeavours that governments plan to implement to offer significant catalytic ramifications for long-term investment prospects across Africa’s energy sectors.

Forums have been intricately developed to educate players on the various governmental investment opportunities and financial solutions, such as maximising the flow of green finance and carbon funds together with the use of market mechanisms such as the c (CDM), and mobilising private capital to effectually develop the energy sector.

In an effort to reduce national emissions and decrease their reliance on energy imports whilst increasing clean air in cities and towns, African nations will inevitably observe a considerable shift in the transport sector and the Africa Energy Indaba is set to delve into the details of such. Moreover, Africa’s decarbonisation endeavours, driven by the environmental sustainability agenda, is shifting the energy mix at an accelerated pace, to a point that is predicted to position gas ahead of coal by 2030. This year’s event is set to reveal the intricacies concerning this exciting phase of transformation and disruption transpiring in Africa.

Furthermore, the prevalent energy transition is expected to generate broader socio-economic benefits, including the impact of expenditure in human capital and education, reduced health impacts from air pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and depletion of natural resources. Discussions will centre around how such socio-economic impacts of the energy transition will be converted to acceptable outcomes.

Adopting technology, cultivating talent across the generations and encouraging digital skills acquisition are fundamental factors to enhancing efficiency within the energy sector. Well-versed industry leaders attending the event, will impart their knowledge of opportunity development and management of related threats whilst proactively implementing strategies to fortify competitive advantage and boost profits through the digitalisation of operations within the landscape that is energy.

During this time of critical energy transition, the Africa Energy Indaba 2020 aims to support African and international energy leaders to translate global objectives into regional and national business solutions in order to secure a more accessible, affordable and sustainable energy future for the African continent.

For more information visit www.africaenergyindaba.com

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