Discover the Art of Distillation at Pringle Rock Distillery

Pringle Rock Distillery

Nestled in the untamed beauty of the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom, where rugged mountains meet pristine coastlines, Pringle Rock Distillery stands as a beacon of tradition, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. This family-operated distillery embodies the journey of transforming every grain into extraordinary spirits, infused with the essence of its unique natural surroundings.

| The Origins of Pringle Rock

The inception of Pringle Rock Distillery was driven by the Elves family’s deep-rooted love for their land and their aspiration to establish a distinguished single malt distillery on their farm in Pringle Bay.

Pringle Rock Distillery

The idea was first conceived during one of Leigh Elves’s visits to Scotland in 2011, where, as an avid whisky lover, his favourite destination was Scotland – visiting as many distilleries as possible. Beginning in 2016, they embarked on the ambitious project of transforming an old 14-horse stable into a cutting-edge distillery. The old stable has been repurposed to house their three handcrafted copper stills – Victor, Josephine, and Gerry K.

Under Leigh’s visionary leadership, enhanced by nearly 40 years of engineering experience, and the collaborative effort with his son Justin, the duo carefully rebuilt the stable walls and crafted the distillation stills themselves. This transformation ensured a blend of traditional heritage and modern sustainability.

| A Tribute to Local Biodiversity with Rockjumper Gin

As the distillery’s journey continues, Pringle Rock currently offers the exceptional Rockjumper Gin, a spirit that embodies the Elves family’s dedication to quality and innovation. This product has a unique connection to the land and its history, capturing the essence of the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom.

Pringle Rock Distillery

Pringle Rock’s Rockjumper Gin is a tribute to the Cape Rockjumper, a near-threatened species native to the local fynbos habitat. The gin tastings, hosted by Monique Elves, not only showcase the gin’s unique botanical blends, but also educate visitors on the sustainable practices involved in growing and harvesting some of the botanicals on the farm.

Available in Classic, Coastal, and Mountain Fynbos variants, the gin is crafted from the finest botanicals, many of which are sourced locally and some cultivated right on the farm. It is a spirited expression of the distillery’s commitment to biodiversity and environmental awareness.Pringle Rock Distillery

| Whisky that Captures the Spirit of the Land

At Pringle Rock, the whisky-making process is a labour of love, carefully overseen by Leigh and his son Justin. They are currently nurturing a single malt whisky that promises to offer an unparalleled taste experience, set to be ready for bottling in 2026. This whisky is currently maturing in selected ex-port and sherry barrels, being infused with the character of the local fynbos and coastal breezes. Whisky lovers are encouraged to look forward to this premium spirit, which, once ready, will join the distillery’s product lineup. Until then, the distillery welcomes visitors to enjoy their currently available Rockjumper Gin.

| Exclusive Tours and Scenic Journey to the Distillery

Pringle Rock Distillery

Pringle Rock Distillery warmly invites spirit enthusiasts to discover its craft through guided tours and tastings, offered by appointment on Saturdays and Sundays. Access to the distillery is exclusively via the distillery bus, which picks up guests in Central Road, Pringle Bay for a scenic 15-minute drive. Sightings of local wildlife such as Klipspringer buck, Cape Rockjumpers, and Ground Woodpeckers enhance the journey.

Pringle Rock DistilleryWith a capacity to accommodate up to 12 guests per tour and the option of enjoying a Charcuterie & Cheese Platter, the three-hour tour offers an intimate experience in spirit making.

Join Pringle Rock Distillery in its celebration of quality, tradition, and environmental stewardship, where each sip embodies the pursuit of excellence.

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