Devonbosch: Creating the Blue Zone of the Future


As humanity increasingly values health, community, and sustainability, Devonbosch emerges as a leading destination for progressive urban living, inspired by the longevity and well-being principles of Blue Zones.

Devonbosch emphasizes community and social engagement, transforming from mere buildings into a vibrant social hub. Brickfield Spaces serve as co-working and community centres promoting connection, creativity, and productivity. Public open spaces like the large public square in phase 3.1 and inner courtyards host events throughout the year, encouraging social interaction and a strong community spirit.

Physical activity is integrated into daily life with facilities like the Unlocked Fitness Studio, which promotes community-based workouts. Activities such as eFoiling, water sports, mountain biking, and the Extreme Golf experience offer residents diverse ways to stay active and connect with nature.

High-quality, nutritious food options are plentiful at Devonbosch, including locally sourced produce and premium wines at Aslina Wines’ tasting room. Various dining establishments, such as Super Sconto Deli, the Food Centre, Ischia Restaurant, and Brickfields Café, enrich the culinary landscape with diverse and healthy choices.

A sense of purpose is cultivated by creating an environment where residents can pursue their passions. The Innovation Hub attracts companies and entrepreneurs, encouraging meaningful work and activities that contribute to residents’ overall well-being.

Sustainability is a core value, with ethical construction practices, green spaces, and eco-friendly buildings. Advanced systems like the TAB system and Chiller Plant ensure energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

Healthcare and wellness facilities, such as a prenatal screening practice, ensure professional care for expectant mothers, highlighting the community’s commitment to well-being. Enhancing this commitment is the Devonbosch Member App, which improves communication between management and residents and integrates seamlessly with the SMART MATTERS electricity management system.

Adaptability and continuous improvement are also key principles at Devonbosch, with a phased development approach that continuously enhances facilities and services. This dynamic environment evolves with its residents, ensuring it remains vibrant and relevant, constantly adapting to meet the community’s needs.

By prioritizing community engagement, physical activity, nutritious food, a sense of purpose, sustainability, and overall well-being, Devonbosch creates an environment where residents can lead long, healthy, and fulfilling lives, redefining urban living standards for health and happiness.

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