Daneska turned her dream into a reality – Carbon Coffee

Carbon Coffee

It started as a faint idea about two years ago. Daneska Rohrmüller the bubbly owner of Carbon Coffee, wanted to open a coffee shop for the early bird. She is one of those people who are always up early, whether it is to go for a run, cycle or to class but could never find a place that was open early enough.

“I wanted to open a place for the early bird like myself. Somewhere you can come to, halfway, during or after a cycle/run.” So there was an idea, but no location.

After Daneska finished high school she had no idea what she wanted to do, but decided to study engineering. From the start she knew it was not for her, but continued to push through because she did not have a back-up plan. Then lockdown happened and she knew this was her chance to change direction. Fast-forward 8 months and an amazing opportunity with Helderberg Cycle World came to light – the perfect location for browsing whilst waiting for your coffee. Within a month Daneska turned her dream into a reality.

Carbon Coffee

With a lot of effort and help from her family, she managed to pull it off.
Carbon Coffee is for the cyclist who goes for a quick ride before work and ends with a good cuppa coffee to start their day well. Not only for the cyclists but also for the runners, the surfers coming home from Strand beach, or the person who wants to pick up a curbside coffee on the way to work, paying in advance.

“For me, good coffee is the most important part,” Daneska says. She is using Terbodore beans, which are roasted in Franschhoek, thus supporting local business. They also have a brand new, very special addition on their menu, Kool Beans Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Carbon Coffee

Kool Beans Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

As the name suggests, Kool Beans coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot, resulting in a less bitter and acidic, yet full-bodied flavour and served cold for a refreshing experience on a hot summer’s day or after a strenuous cycle. The nitro brew is 100% natural, with zero additives, almost zero calories and a natural creamy taste. Do not be fooled by its creamy consistency, this product is vegan friendly and does not contain any milk – the creaminess and velvety mouthfeel is created by infusing the coffee with fine nitrogen bubbles.

Kool Beans Nitro Coffee is kept in kegs and served on tap, in compostable eco-cups that allow you to see the magical dispersion of nitrogen. If you associate nitro with speed, you are correct – it can be tapped in under 5 seconds and is loadshedding resistant (and did we mention the extra speed in your step?) A healthy, delicious drink with a kick that looks like beer, tastes like coffee and is served on tap – who could resist?Carbon Coffee

Delicious Treats

And what is coffee without a little treat on the side? From a young age, Daneska loved spending time in the kitchen baking. “It was and is always so satisfying perfecting a recipe and sharing it with the people around me.” They offer a variety of homemade treats ranging from their delicious banana bread, carrot cake and date balls to something savory, mainly ‘Belegte Brötchen’, which are German rolls with special toppings. Coming from a Namibian-German background those definitely had to be on the menu.

Carbon Coffee“We are committed to the grind. Every good barista will tell you that the grind of your beans is the most important part. Thus we are committed to grinding the beans to perfection to produce the best espresso possible. We are committed to more than just that grind. We are committed to the grind of life/work and of course the grind of cycling. After all we are in a Cycle shop.”

As an avid cyclist/runner herself, Daneska noticed that there are a lot of coffee shops in Stellenbosch to cycle to, but very few in Somerset West. She is hoping to create a space where cyclists/runners from around the area will come to. “In the future we would like to expand the size of our menu and offer more exciting additions. We plan ahead, but take it day by day while serving top quality coffee and treats. If you are in the area please stop by, I would love to share a coffee with you.“

Carbon Coffee


Turn off at the intersection of the R44 and Gutsche, take the immediate left slip to The Hub center, park in front of Helderberg Cycle World, grab your coffee and get back onto the R44. There is an outside sitting area for anyone who wants to catch a breath of fresh air.
Opening times are from 07:00 – 15:00, Monday to Friday and till 14:00 on Saturdays. A delivery service to office blocks in the near vicinity will be launching soon.

For more information contact 072 454 3248 or visit 7 The Hub, Urtel Cres, Somerset Mall