Couch Concerts forges a path back to live

Couch Concerts

Couch Concerts is an online platform broadcasting pre-recorded and live- streamed musical performances. Born out of the desire to showcase local talent (and support local musicians during lockdown), the project, spearheaded by Jarryd and Jessica West, has successfully hosted 16 concerts and 40 musicians since its inception in August 2020.

In February 2021, Couch Concerts partnered with Cassia Restaurant (Nitida Wine Farm) in order to host live music performances once more. There are two primary goals: to provide musicians with a performance space (both physically and online) and restaurant goers with access to varied, high-quality entertainment every week. This will also be made available online via Quicket in order to minimise the impact of lockdown regulations, which impose strict limitations on the number of audience members allowed.

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things, not least of all how we consume media and entertainment. Thanks to the age of technology and all things web-related, people from all over South Africa, and even the world, can now enjoy performances based in Cape Town. In this way, audiences can continue to support the Arts and her Artists without any physical boundaries.

If you’d like to attend one of these concerts, or watch an online broadcast, you can follow Couch Concerts on Facebook and Instagram (@couchconcertssa).

All tickets are available via Quicket, and all bookings for live events are to be done via Cassia Restaurant (021 976 0640).

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