Benguela Cove wins Platter’s Wine Awards

Benguela Cove

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has been awarded 4.5 stars for seven of its wines and a further 4 stars for seven others by Platter’s, the leading South Africa Wine Guide. Cellar master Johann Fourie, who runs operations at the vineyard in the Walker Bay region near Hermanus, says:

“For all our entries to receive 4 stars and higher is a great achievement given the relatively small size of our vineyard and that 100 percent of our wine is produced from estate-grown fruit. The awards showcase our detailed approach to growing cultivars on specially selected locations in the vineyard that bring out the best of each varietal.”

“Both our red and white wines performed equally well, debunking the belief that cool climate wine regions such as Walker Bar are only suited to Pinot Noir and white cultivars. Our recent Veritas Wine Awards are further proof; our Estate Malbec, which is on an award-winning streak this year, and our Estate Chardonnay picked up gold medals.”

“It’s the second consecutive year for the Estate Chardonnay to be awarded gold at Veritas; our loyal customers and the wine judges love Benguela Cove Chardonnay.” Johann Fourie says the estate’s focus is to make site-specific wines from strictly estate-grown grapes, to capture Benguela Cove’s unique location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, to produce the distinctive character of the wines.