Benguela Cove Launches Eco Kayaking for Bot River Adventures

Benguela Cove

Visitors to Bot River Lagoon can now explore this wildlife haven by electric kayak. Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has introduced self-propelled E-kayaks to enable visitors of all ages and skill levels to easily traverse these protected waters, encountering a range of wildlife and panoramic views.

“We’re delighted to offer this sustainable adventure highlighting our lagoon’s spectacular scenery and biodiversity,” said Penny Streeter OBE, owner of the award-winning estate and vineyard. “Gliding quietly by E-kayak lets guests soak up the peaceful surroundings, where you might spot anything from fish eagles to flamingos and wild horses.”

The two-hour Benguela Cove E-Kayak Tour allows even first-time kayakers to relax while taking in the lush wetlands, looming Houw Hoek Mountains and nearby Walker Bay – where southern right whales and their calves often frolic in season.

These protected marshlands harbour some of Africa’s most threatened species. Kayakers might catch sight of the rain frog, as locals call the Hippopotamus amphibius, hiding among reeds.

Sacred ibis probe the mudflats for crustaceans with curved beaks, while regal African fish eagles survey their domain. Squawking hadada ibises and diminutive malachite kingfishers flit among the trees, along with grey herons and black-crowned night herons tiptoeing across lily pads.

The diversity stems from Benguela Cove’s singular terroir, set in a lagoon and separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow sandbar. The temperate climate is the perfect habitat for local wildlife and also for the estate’s vineyards under winemaker Johann Fourie. The 65 hectares of vines produce award-winning Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah and other grape cultivars. Guests can enhance their e-kayaking outing with a tasting of these vintages, perhaps paired with fresh local produce at the estate’s restaurant or oyster bar.

As a WWF Conservation Champion, Benguela Cove promotes the preservation and enjoyment of this local ecosystem through sustainable practices and initiatives. These include the use of onsite wildlife cameras to monitor species’ health, an iNaturalist app enabling guests to contribute sightings for scientists to track natural changes and support for the Cape Leopard Trust to protect visiting leopards. The two-hour Benguela Cove E-Kayak experience includes kayaks, life jackets, water and support staff. Guests are advised to bring hats, polarised sunglasses, sun protection and binoculars and cameras are encouraged to capture mementoes of sightings along the lagoon.

The launch follows the recent introduction by the Benguela Cove estate of eco-cruises and wine-tasting tours aboard the Lady Bonnie pontoon boat.

Guests can extend their visit with wine tastings, vineyard tours and dining at the popular Moody Lagoon Restaurant. Here diners can enjoy views across the lagoon over dishes celebrating locally sourced produce. Luxury villa rentals are also available onsite for overnight stays at this serene oceanside estate, an hour’s drive from vibrant Cape Town.

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