Artwork created by Pigcasso

Located in the renowned Franschhoek Valley of the Western Cape, Farm Sanctuary SA serves to inspire a connection between farm animals and visitors. Driving the mission are founder Jo Lefson and resident rescued pig ‘Pigcasso’ who have been taking the art world by storm since releasing their definitive Abstract Expressionist artworks in 2017. Last year, Pigcasso made world news for creating an artwork worth more than R300 000.

Pigcasso was rescued just before slaughter in 2016 by Joanne and taken to Farm Sanctuary SA. When Joanne noticed that Pigcasso ate or destroyed everything except some old paint brushes, she decided to nurture the pig’s potential talent. It didn’t take long before Pigcasso began to paint – and over time, the painting process developed into an extraordinary collaboration between human and pig. Lefson selects the colours, while Pigcasso takes the brush into her mouth and creates her magic across the canvas.

Lefson watches from afar, able to stop Pigcasso if she observes an interesting form developing that is relatable to the human eye. Every original is signed by Pigcasso’s nose-tip, countersigned by Lefson and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Proceeds from the sale of every artwork benefit the registered non-profit Farm Sanctuary SA that Lefson established in 2016.

From CNN to BBC Headline News, Pigcasso’s journey from rescued pig to celebrated international art sensation has captured the World’s imagination – with the duo’s artworks have been sold for millions of rands to art collectors around the World.

Pigcasso also designed the best-selling 2019 SWATCH watch – and most recently, Jo and Pigcasso have launched her own wine label, PIGCASSO BLACK.

Visitors can meet Pigcasso and view the available artworks at the on-site OINK Gallery.

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