One of the most rewarding parts of an adventure is the sharing of the story. The story is what motivates people to go out and have their own adventures, to spend more time on their bicycles, by themselves, or to take on bigger challenges than they thought they could never do before.

The Guinness World Record for men cycling between Cape Town and Cairo, supported and unsupported, has been broken multiple times, but there is still no listed women’s record.
Tegan Phillips, a professional cartoonist, writer, speaker and endurance adventure cyclist from Cape Town, intends to change that on 16 October 2022. She will take on the 10 600 km challenge pedalling her way through eight countries – Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa, and be the fastest woman to do it.
It Is Possible

“Whenever you hear in your ear the whisper of some crazy idea – don’t doubt. This adventure was chosen especially for you. So, begin with your plans, your diagrams and your dreams, and don’t feel bad if they laugh at your schemes. Just get going. When you feel stuck, and you think the adventure gods don’t give a damm, remember it’s part of the fun for things to go wrong, otherwise how could we ever get strong? Yes, to spite how it seems – these things in the sky are cheering us on. So, we might as well try. Take as long as you need to sit down and cry, but then get your butt right up and hold your head high. Even if you feel that your quest feels small, with every step forward you are crushing a wall – and with every wall crushed your life grows a little more. Until you look back and can heartily believe how it once was before. So, say ‘yes’ the next time you hear that call. Say okay, I’ll try and get out the door. When people say: This can’t be. Is it humanly possible? If it is – as long as I am human – it is possible for me,” says Tegan.

100 Bikes for Women in Khayelitsha

Tegan is cycling for an epic cause. “One of the best ways to empower a girl or woman is to give them a bicycle. It’s mobility, confidence, health and freedom all rolled into two wheels and a metal frame. Through this expedition, we are aiming to raise 100 bicycles for women in Khayelitsha through Khaltsha Cycles,” Tegan concludes.